composer / orchestrator / pianist / accompanist



Kanako Hashiyama is a composer, orchestrator, pianist and accompanist. She is currently working in Los Angeles. In 2016, she was selected to write and conduct an original score for the silent film "Variete"(1925), which was performed at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Boston and SanFrancisco Silent Film Festival.  The "Variete" DVD was released in 2017. She is also going to compose for another silent film for Women Film Pioneers Project in 2018. 
Since she moved to LA, she has composed for documentary TVs, Radio station, and theatre plays. Also she has orchestrated for LA opera's projects. 
Currently, she is composing  for Japanese theatre plays "Tsukista." The DVD and soundtrack albums were released in 2018.

She played the piano for a film called "True Colors," and for a couple TV shows. She also works for the musical theatre companies as a music director/pianist.

Kanako was born in Nagoya, Japan.  
2004 - Performed her Piano Concert piece with the world acclaimed New Japan Philharmonic
2011 - Graduated Toho Gakuen College of Music - Classical Composition Major
2016 - Graduated Berklee College of Music with scholarship award - Film Scoring Major

2017年から日本の2.5次元劇、ツキステの作曲を担当。2018年にDVD, CDが発売された。